Introducing Simon Takk’s Complete Photo Guide, the Blueprint…

The Insider Photo Secrets for Better Shots NOW!


Have you ever secretly wished you could take spectacular, pro quality photos  but feel like you just don’t have the time to figure it all out?

Or that your equipment just isn’t good enough?

I have news for you.

There is a BLUEPRINT for taking great photos. For using your camera. For understanding each and every button and using these buttons to take great photos.

For taking photos that blow your friends away – and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are one of the few photographers that really ‘gets it’

And it’s unlike any other photography book you’ve ever read.

“Thank you for your wonderful teachings.” Says Samuel, “You are my great inspirational instructor.”

Think what it’ll be like to be able to pull out any camera and take astonishing shots literally one after the other.

How will it feel to upload photos onto your computer that look like they came right out of a popular photography magazine? 

Imagine coming back from vacation… showing your friends and family your photos… and getting “Ooohs” , “Aaahs“, and even the occasional jealous snicker?

That’s just a taste of what it’s like when you use these insider secrets in my eBook, ‘the Blueprint: Photo Techniques From A-Z’.

In essence, it tears apart the iron veal that keeps you from understanding what makes a great photo.

  • If your shots look great when you take them, but end up blurry on the computer, see page 53.
  • When perfect locations turn into horrible photos, is it you or your camera? See age 8.
  • Shaky hand syndrome? Page 69 gives you 3 remedies (no tripod needed). And warns of one situation when nothing will help and it’s best to move on.

It ‘steals the tricks’ from the PRO’s and not only gets you taking great photos like them, you become one of them- and leave friends, family, and onlookers stunned at the amazing, beautiful photographs you take!

  • The aperture that should never be used for landscapes (It’ll ruin your shot). See inside.
  • When your camera lies: Seven situations when you’ll have to out-wit your camera!
  • If you take a pic by pointing at your subject, setting the exposure, and focusing, you’re doing it all wrong. (See inside)
  • What to double check before taking a picture (It’s not your exposure)
  • How to beat blurry, dark pics at night (Please, don’t even think of using your flash!)
  • Poses you should NEVER Make shy people do (It’ll humiliate the both of you) Page 148.

And it’s guaranteed to transform forever how you use your camera – or you don’t pay a dime!

The secret is what I call
 the Way of the Photo PRO.

Walker Evans said “People always ask me what camera I use. It’s not the camera, it’s – – – “ and he tapped his temple with his index finger.

Ansel Adams, legendary photographer said “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”

Andreas Feininger said “Photographers — idiots, of which there are so many — say, “Oh, if only I had a Nikon or a Leica, I could make great photographs.” That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life.”

That’s where the Blueprint is different.

You don’t just learn a list of techniques or  tricks for photography. But instead, you learn the insider photo secrets of the WAY of the Photo PRO’s so improvement is easy.

So nothing can hold you back from what you’re truly capable of.

Just imagine, people seeing your photos and flocking to you. Begging you to photograph their pets with the same ‘spark’ you injected into your other shots.

Pleading for you to shoot the house that they’re trying to sell. Or their old used car. Or their coming wedding. Or a much needed family portrait. Or a photo of their old TV to see if that’ll help them sell it on eBay or Craigslist.

Take a ‘PEEK’ Inside

Chapter 1: Introduction – The Basic Overview of Photography
Ch. 2: The Photo Swipe- How to Steal Your Way to Photo Success
Ch. 3: PhotograZEN – How to use ZEN secrets to supercharge your photo mastery
Ch. 4: The Camera Accessories Run-Down
Ch. 5: Camera ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ Talk- What You Need to Know About Your Camera
Ch. 6: The Power of Composition- How to Frame the Perfect Shot
Ch. 7: Action Photography Success
Ch. 8: Close-Up Photography Essentials
Ch. 9: Harnessing the Power of LIGHT
Ch. 10: the Outdoor Photographer- Taking Great Shots Under the Sun (Or Moon)
Ch. 11: the ‘Shut-in’ Photographer- How to Take Great Indoor Shots
Ch. 12: Portrait Perfect- How to Take Great Pics of People
Ch. 13: Moonlit Masterpieces – The Secrets to Night Photo Success
Ch. 14: Lens Filters
Ch. 15: The ‘SUBJECT’ in Your Photo Explained
Ch. 16: Photos with Impact- Tips for Developing Strong Photo Concepts
Ch. 17: Your Unique Photo Style
Ch. 18: Copyright Basics When Taking Commercial Shots

This is not another photo book filled with camera blabber – you know, ISO, shutter speed, central focal point, etc.

This is ALSO not another book with hundreds of photos and only five pages of techniques that leaves you lusting to take shots like those in the book…but stilted by a lack of instructive guidance.

Instead, you uncover the fundamentals of photography

(It has nothing to do with your camera)

Photography is no different than anything that you learn. Music, dance, architecture, sports, you name it. They all take the same steps to mastery…

While there is a mountain of information out there for photography, the most vital key to success is mastery of the basics.

And yet, most beginners and intermediate shooters have no idea what these basics are!

To start, great photography has absolutely nothing to do with your camera!


Your camera is just a TOOL.


You use it like a sniper uses his high tech sniper rifle. You think the rifle is what makes the sniper get his accurate shots? No way! The fundamental to sniper success is knowing ones target and never losing sight of it.

The same goes for photography.

Photograph always begins with your viewer…

What will make the viewer most interested in your photo? What will make the viewer understand what your photo is about? What will move your viewer emotionally?

It’s all about your viewer. And everything else in photography is wrapped around this fundamental. 

Now, the challenge with photography is being able to do this fundamental task while still using your camera correctly!

As we have all experienced, not knowing how to use your camera results in a number of problems – blur, overexposure, red eye.

That’s why I created the Blueprint.

It teaches you everything you NEED to know about your camera…yet treats it merely as a TOOL. That way you can get the camera mumbo jumbo out of the way and focus on the more important aspects of photography.

Taking photos that grab viewers by the jugular and awe them, inspire them, frighten them, whatever the goals of your photo are!

These Insider Secrets Are Universal For All Visual Art


INSIDE: A thousand year old ‘zen’ mind trick lets you see two things amateur photographers completely ignore…and instantly capture beauty wherever you bring your camera.

The truth is, many of these insider secrets for photography were taken and adapted from the geniuses of the past. Picasso. Van Gogh. Mozart.

These secrets can be applied to any other art field – painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, you name it!

How you use these insider secrets is up to you!

You can, for example, tell your model to move this way towards the light to get her cheered for, lusted over, or admired by others. Page 131. This same technique can be applied to drawing or  sculpting the human figure.

And a few simple facts about your eyes that help you take better shots (Page 25) can be used for any visual art you do!

Take Your Hobby to the Next Level

Unlike other photography courses and books, the Blueprint goes beyond photo techniques and tricks. It’s the only course out there that gives you the secrets to opening your eyes and igniting your inner creativity.

Again, these are FUNDAMENTALS to photography. Things every photographer should know!

 The Blueprint shows you how to see differently. And take better photos as a result.

You learn the reason why you take better photos on some days and not others (It’s not because of your camera or how much you know!). This little-known information makes photography way easy!

You learn why your photo success depends on some basic ‘mind control’ and how to develop it yourself – fast (Even if you have A.D.D.)

You learn that humans are emotional and how to use this to take shots with impact.

You learn to judge if your photos are honest or deceitful. And the careless mistakes that can ruin your shot and give the complete opposite effect to viewers.

And uncover how one dirt-cheap and easy change turned a model from looking like filthy white trash to a daring adventurer (Page 110).

And why, if you’re interested in naked women you should be doing nude photography and not anything else! (Page 159.)

mammoth lakes

Make Rivers flow, oceans dreamy, and cloudy skies mesmerizing with easy-to-implement shutter stop techniques. (Don’t worry, if your camera has a manual mode, you will be able to use this)


Start Taking Creative, Impact-Filled Images People Won’t Forget

A great photo is not just something pleasing to look at. It’s tells a message, gives a point of view, and gives you an outlet for self-expression.

What will it feel like showing a photo to someone and them actually being “moved” emotionally?


Here’s what a couple people that have tried the Blueprint have to say…


Miriam, a painter, says…

“Thank you so much for the help you have been offering to me on photography. I have really learned a lot from this, (I) am so happy and grateful that I found your website and went through it… in my heart I love photography since I, as well, use it in my drawing and paintings …Thank you so much for your big heart to help and share you photography ideas and techniques. …Thank you so much for opening my mind (to) photography.” 

Rob B. says…

“Yes, (The Blueprint) has helped. I am learning more every day. Yes, I look at photography like any other art.  I am a musician and must have a unique personality to invoke the feeling I want. Imitation is simple and is why I do not do cover songs. I write my own music and I will develop my own photography style.”


An Easy, Enjoyable Read

When it comes to photo books, I absolutely HATE stuff that’s hard to read or filled with puffery and fluff. That’s why I’ve made the Blueprint as step-by-step and instructive as possible. It’s written to-the-point and with one goal: to get you to take better photos.

For example, page 13 gives you the three skills that will shoot you up from amateur to PRO (Even if you’re taking the most dull shots now).

Page 16 tells you how to master photography on the cheap: All you need is craigslist, newspapers, a disposable camera, and this three step process.

Page 139 says which settings to use for the sun (weak sun, diffused sun, in the shade, snow, sand, hazy, and much more!).

Page 148 tells you what poses you should NEVER make shy people do (It’ll humiliate the both of you).

Page 50 gives you the rundown of camera accessories (6 essentials every photographer should have). And How to purchase them without being broke or feeling held back with inferior equipment.

So How Much Does the Blueprint Cost?

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • How much would it cost for you to order nearly every book on photography available?
  • How much would you pay to save those many photos you’ve lost due to camera mistakes?
  • How much would you pay to have the same photo brain of the PRO’s – able to use camera settings and manual mode with ease…while at the same time creating mind-blowing and creative thrills?

It cost me hundreds of dollars and many years of trial and error to find the information I put into this eBook – rare information nearly impossible to come by. I could easily charge a couple hundred for this course. In fact, I originally planned to sell this guide for $97.

For a limited time, however, I’d like to let you try the Blueprint out at a special discounted price - and at no risk whatsoever.


You Are Invited to Read and Use the Blueprint For 2 Months at my risk!

Unlike learning through ‘seminars’ or taking expensive photo classes, there is no obligation to keep my guide. Not until you have first tried it out. ..and let me know how it changes your photos…how it transforms you into a serious, admired photographer, not just a ‘newbie’ or worse…a wannabe.

And if you don’t see a difference in your photography in two full months, you don’t pay a time. Your purchase price will be immediately and cheerfully refunded.


I am anxious to find out how the Blueprint transforms your photos…all at no risk whatsoever…

I know there will be people that see this “2 month no-risk guarantee” and instantly decide that they’re going to buy it and refund it a second later.

Yes, offering this guarantee leaves me highly vulnerable for the sleazy scammers out there. But I realize that the majority of you reading this are not that type of person.

You’re photographers for god sake!

When you see a great photo, you cherish it, admire it, and honor it! You wouldn’t go try and steal it from a museum.

So I’m going to assume that you’re not that kind of lowlife. I trust that you’ll judge the Blueprint honestly. And if it truly doesn’t help you, you’ll be just as honest and ask for the refund!

Make a difference the next time you snap a picture. And don’t pay a dime if your photos don’t improve.

For the price of a professional photo print you can learn all this and more!


How a simple, easy to use camera setting can dramatically alter the mood of your photos – page 40

Like the truth about when your camera lies and seven situations when you’ll have to out-wit our camera.

You learn the most awful mistakes you can make with the rule of simplicity.

And why you should be wary of using a large aperture when your scene has this (Page 73.).

And how to avoid ISO noise in low light situations (Page 81)

Compare this low cost with the hundreds of dollars that an overpriced local photo class costs. Or a college course. Or a seminar. Or those now-popular ‘Photo adventures’ that cost you thousands of dollars!

Quite frankly, you deserve to indulge in your photo passion – to keep it burning strongly. Because if you don’t, most likely it’ll fade away. And, like other ‘hobby photographers’, you’ll take fewer and fewer photos. And eventually settle for the ‘mediocre’, easy shot you can take in fully auto mode without even lookin’ through the viewfinder.

Just look at the PRO’s out there. They’re constantly stimulating their minds with new tips and tricks.

Constantly reading the latest books, attending the latest seminars and ‘photo adventures’, and always trying to improve. Because they know that….

…As soon as they stop learning & improving, it’s all downhill…


Relight your passion for photography (And make it burn brighter than ever) with these inside secrets:


Secrets like why some photographers improve faster than others. This little-known info could super-speed your photo mastery.

Or the one photo that no-one on the face of the earth will ever ignore.

Or the ‘Grandpa’ way to photo precision! (Great news for the digitally challenged)

Is the LCD screen the first thing you look at after you take a photo? This and dozens of other common camera mistakes you’re likely making are all revealed inside!

And I’m not talking about being a ‘wannabe’, faking your photo ‘chops’ with Photoshop. You’re shown the insider strategies for real photo success (no photo-edit ‘training wheels’ necessary)!

Want to know where the prize-winning shots are hiding? Their ‘hide-outs’ are revealed inside chapter 3.

Or are you the competitive type looking to outdo the photographer next door? Then flip to chapter 6 for photo tricks every amateur camera owner misses.

And while you’re at it, check out the powerful exercise for better shots that was once outlawed by the pope inside chapter 3!

Digital PDF Format for Easy Computer (Or Kindle…or iPad) Viewing

I have written the Blueprint in digital eBook format (PDF). What that means is the moment you order you get immediate access to it. Anytime…whether it’s 3 am or midnight.

And what’s even better, you choose how fast you want to improve. It’s written so you can go through the lessons at your own pace and get immediate results every time you read a page.

Even if you’re a PRO, the Blueprint will help you.

While you’re reading a few pages of refresher information you already know, you’ll stumble across something you never heard of before that can have a massive impact in your photography.

Like the Yin Yang Technique for transforming ordinary, dull pictures into shots with drama, excitement, and wonder. Page 95.

Or this secret: thinking about dinner or sex while taking pictures will ruin your shots! (Chapter 3)

When you learn how to take better photos, these skills can be transfered and used for any visual medium including, but not limited to:

  • Cheap Cell Phone Cameras, pin hole cameras, point and shoot cameras, SLR cameras, anything that takes pictures!
  • Paintings
  • Drawing
  • Videotaping

Here’s What to do!

Simply click the ‘buy now’ button below, complete your order details, and download the Blueprint. Once downloaded, flip through the eBook.

Just let everything soak into your mind.

Then, next time you pull out your camera,  see for yourself how your photos change.Notice the ease and confidence you have with your camera.

About Simon Takk

Author of the Blueprint


Simon Takk studied film production at a prestigious film school in Southern California. From an early age, he made films with friends. Through his studies, however, Simon realized his passion was for the image, not the filmmaking process.

Shortly after this realization, Simon Takk changed focus to photography and has been shooting away every since.

Blending his know-how of the filmmaking ‘storytelling’ process as well as his background in classical music and Zen, Simon Takk brings a unique perspective to photography that is both fresh and inspiring.

While all other photographers have spent their entire lives obsessing over their shutter speed and aperture, Simon has been exploring any and all art-forms for new ideas that can be applied to photography.

The Blueprint is a culmination of what he’s found and how it can transform your photos too.

Experience the thrill and excitement of plugging your camera into your computer and seeing your photos enlarged to full screen and even more spectacular than you imagined!

Vivid colors, rich tones, dark shadows and bright highlights- Professional photos that you took, a transformation that you can take responsibility for.

In essence, you are now in full control over your photography results. And the more you use these techniques, the quicker you improve.

So simply click the link below and get started now. Or leave now and continue down the long, rocky road to PRO photos that most quit – and few complete.

As much as I’d love to see you improve, I can only provide an alternative – faster – route to PRO shots. But when it comes down to it, the choice is yours – as are the photos you take.

Get your copy of the Blueprint now simply by ordering at the link below.

“I’m only a beginner, I don’t have much experience. Will these insider secrets help me?”

'Shallow Depth of Field Sunflower' by Simon Takk

Beautiful shallow depth of field for close up photographs of people, pets, or anything you so desire

Experience is not as important as doing all the right steps that lead up to a great photograph. 2 Minutes: That’s the amount of time needed to take a master shot. I explain this completely in chapter 3.

The pros with years of experience have these secrets wired into the way they shoot. The Blueprint goes ahead and de-wires these steps so you can follow them and take great shots as well.

In fact, you can skip years of frustration by learning this ONE trick used by the Photo PRO’s (It takes 30 seconds)

You’ll be shown how to move like lightening through the 3 stages of photo mastery from ‘no-clue at all’ to ‘this is easy’ (You’ll be shootin’ like the PRO’s before newbies even learn how to focus!)

Uncover the Exact Blueprints for Creating Your Own Great Shots…

After a quick skim of Chapter 5 you’ll easily press a few buttons, point your camera at one subject, and capture a powerful photograph. Seconds later you will press a few more buttons, point at another subject with completely different lighting, and snap another great shot. One after another. No need to fall into the delete – fail –delete – FAIL routine 

“I just got an expensive SLR. How can I make sure it goes the distance?” Find out how on chapter 5.

“What’s a shutter release cable and how do I know if I need one?” Simply flip to chapter 4 to find out.

“Why isn’t my new lens making the images sharper?” The answer is in chapter 5.

“How can I use auto mode without selling out with generic, lame pictures” It’s entirely possible. See ch 5.

The 2 zones of importance in every photo (It’s more than meets the eye.) that add more impact to your shots. Page 91.

The three necessary ingredients of every photo – and why amateurs are shooting themselves in the foot by only paying attention to #2. Page 25.

3 Simple questions to find out if your shot is too cluttered. (and how to fix it) Page 88.

3 Types of lines and how you can use them to create tranquil, energetic, exciting, or dynamic power shots (The key is experimentation). Page 103-105.

You see a perfect shot in front of you. Before you take the shot, you wait 30 seconds to do this... (Hint: It’s not to focus).

When camera blur is actually a good thing (Actually, a great thing) SEE INSIDE.

Naturally creative and smart people are better at photography? False. Page 10.

A super fun activity that’ll improve your photos (If you don’t enjoy this exercise, you shouldn’t be a photographer) Page 17.

When to bring your tripod so you never feel like an idiot-amateur on a shoot.

Worst camera fails of all time. Bad execution. Poor planning. And how to avoid this.

Forgotten sage photo wisdom others have to spend years to stumble upon. Page 22.

The danger of snow: How to protect your camera (And precious shots!) Page 73.

 “I barely even have time to go out and use my camera. I can’t read an entire book on photography!”

Don’t have time to study an entire photo course? Great! The insider secrets inside the Blueprint are made easily accessible for those without much free time. Simply flip to whatever chapter you’re interested in and grab a few useful techniques to use instantly.

Page 13 has a simple relaxation exercise that’s so easy you can do it walking, jogging, anywhere – without your camera – and use it to develop your photographer eyes!

Page 67 has four easy questions you should always ask yourself before beginning a shot (It’ll do wonders for your creativity!).

And if you have lots of free time, you can use the photo analyzing exercises to steal the essence of what makes other photos powerful and use them with your own shots!

Simply read a few pages and then spend the next four hours taking shots you never imagined you’d take!

The More Shots You Take, The More You’ll Get Out of these Secrets

If you’re an avid photographer that takes your camera everywhere you go, you’ll find yourself using these insider photo secrets every time you snap a shot.

  • If your shots look great when you take them, but end up blurry on the computer, see page 53.
  • Simple trick makes you wish you had your camera on you 24/7 – Page 26
  • You’ll kick yourself in the butt when you learn these 7 composition techniques
  • Make this habit with your shutter and aperture settings and you’ll have sharp shots always! Page 74.
  • Standing out in a sea of photos is a challenge. Here’s how to be a popular photographer. (Revealed inside!)

Amaze friends and family with your travels around the world (or in your back yard!) Envious Vacation Photos to Die For!

But what if you only take photos occasionally? Or you only really take shots for Instagram a few times a week?

Well, if that’s the case then it’s even more important that the few shots you take are as impactful as possible!

Your few shots are like the quiet person in the office that only ever says a few words. What a bore that person is if their few words are about the weather! But how people love that quite guy when his few words are sassy, funny, or interesting!

Maybe you just want great shots for family, friends, and travels. Maybe you don’t want the ability to take award winning photos or stock photos that sell….and that’s perfectly fine. I do have to tell you this though…

It’s just as hard to take ‘great family photos’ as it is to take award winning gallery shots. So why not use these insider secrets to the fullest?

 In fact, a student I shared the Blueprint with did just that! 


“I really enjoyed your training and want to tell you that I have been accepted by iStockPhoto and am now in the process of uploading my 2nd set of 15.” Said Cherre. “ I also sent 10 to Shutterstock on 4/25 and still awaiting their “verdict”. (iStockPhoto and Shutterstock are websites where you make money selling photos once they pass strict acceptance policies).

The fact is this:

99% of people will leave this page. And tell themselves “tomorrow”…but never come back. They’ll be distracted by TV, Netflix, and other quick pleasures that have no long term reward.

Don’t let that happen to you. Here’s a chance to have a pleasure that lasts a lifetime.

Act now and uncover these fascinating insider photo secrets of the PRO’s.